Anyone here ever had a pet get old and put them down?

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Anyone here ever had a pet get old and put them down?

Posted by Max Fischer on

I have 2 cats and they are brother and sister.. and I have had them ever since they were born. Got them when I was just a little kid for Christmas one year.. this Christmas they are 11 years old and they are starting to show their age. The girl cat who is the most awesome cat ever.. so sweet and loving and adorable... she started having urinary tract problems that make it painful when she urinates.. so I have to cook her special food mixed with water to make her feel better.

But I have never lost anyone that I really cared about.. it's embarrassing to admit it but I honestly don't know what I will do when I have to put these cats to sleep. How can people do this? How do they just hand the bodies ove to strangersr?

Also, I have issues with my mom, she can be very cruel and mean.. I want to get away from her but if I left or she made me leave I am worried who would take care of my cats. I don't know anyone that could take them and could take care of them like I do I KNOW my mom wouldn't.

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