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I really wish whoever is posting this spam crap would lay off a little. Im already freakin out whether the strokes will actually put out this 4th album or if they are gonna just suck it up, do these festivals they are schedules then call it quits! does anyone have any further info about Julian and the gang actually going to the studio to finalize songs for the 4th album. The last i head about good news was Nikola had posted he was excited cause he was looking around at studios in NYC to record the new Strokes album, havent heard anything since ;(

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I guess people hate me because I have strong opinions and like to argue. haha It's part of having Asperger syndrome though.. I get obsessed about things more than other people.

I have seen the Reptilia video.. love that video.

Max? did you ever see the reptilia video? ur a cutie pie!! y would anyone hate you?

Sorry to be annoying.. try to look at it from my perspective though.

People are constantly attacking me for simply talking about things I want to talk about.

Even though Julian's comments confirmed all the things I was saying. But anyway.. I don't want to bring up all that stuff.

How are you doing Elisha? How are things going outside the Strokes? Do you go to any other Strokes boards? I never see you anywhere else.

If you like to me to I can... But hate is such a strong word, more like annoyed by you than anything

But you still hate my guts though, right? lol :(

AUGGGHHHHH!!!!! its back again, they should just ban all those that post spam

and max, we never had any beef, it was just all in good fun

Where did you hear this rumor, TE?

hey guys, rumor has it that Julian and the boys are planning something huge for the festival.
i don't know if whether the rumor is fraudulent or not.
I don't want to get your hopes up.

formspring me, ask questions, (i want to keep it sort of academic) soo. . . yeah.


Nice to see you back Elisha. Can we be friends?

I don't know why we ever had a beef.. other than me bashing Albert. :lol: But thats not personal is it?

OMG, is this true, can this be???????????

I login in today and for the first time, I SEE NO SIGNS OF SPAM :o

Will this last, not sure, but finally the admins decided to do their job, yayyyy!!!!!

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