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Nick Valensi

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So, Amanda de Cadenet, Nick's wife decided that she'd let Nick go on her twitter and answer ten questions from fans.

He answered one of my mine, and my question was stupid, and his answer was very vague.

But, he did confirm to another fan that they're full steam ahead on the fourth album.


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aww I wanted to ask him something but it was too late.he was already answering the questions and I had no idea what to ask.
but yeah I got so happy when he tweeted about the 4th album! and then the new pic on the site with the mic and recording made me even more happy!
2010 is the year baby! ahhh.they guys are back!

Here's Amanda's twitter:

Is there a link somewhere? What were the other questions?

Everyone was asking him about The Strokes Four, so I didn't want to.
And I wanted to get in there fast, because he was only going to answer the first ten.

So, him being a guitarist, I asked "What's your favourite song to play on the guitar? Whether it be a Strokes song, or not."

He answered. "I don't know. I'm not good at picking favourites."

curious, what did you ask him???

That's AMAZING!!! lucky!