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you know? i'm simmering...

The Strokes raised... for a DECADE! On what? three albums?
Everyone loved them because naturally, they had rock roots in their soul. (A little rock history- rock started bcs a few guys wanted to sound as full and as strong as an orchestra but without the orchestra...Which i think [u]First Impressions of Earth[/u] [b]had[/b]... [i]right up there with[/i] [u]Is This It[/u]; and BTW!! [u]Room On Fire[/u] was just that!)

Yeah. they may have been mouthy and still may have a few problems but i think its rotten to kick them!!!! They kept alot of new music afloat!
They are still the same youthful guys, just a little more grown up with a little more in their bag of "tricks" as we all have!!! But he has "got music coming out of my hands and feet and kisses" WOOOO!!!

If F.I.O.E was named Phrazes for the Young (vice versa) would any critic have anything to even utter?!


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