are the strokes selling out?...

Feb 03

are the strokes selling out?...

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IDK about you guys...but it seems to me that they are just a little...and trust me, this is my favorite band...but lets be honest here...they now have a grammy award winning producer and engineer for their new album, when it seems like the good ole days of Is This It and Room On Fire didnt have such guys. My second fav band, Metric, didnt use any of the "big" labels or producers and made an awesome album (Fantasies)...i just wanna know what you guys think. Has the fame, glory and cash gotten into the strokes mind instead of just music??

P.S. you guys should check out: Whitest Boy Alive...very awesome band...

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.i just wanna know what you guys think. Has the fame, glory and cash gotten into the strokes mind instead of just music??

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Even though im late in this i believe they totally sold out because in the first 3 albums The Strokes sang music felt music and i think thats what we loved about them. The Strokes are my favorite band and i was really HYPED for the 4th Album Angles, BUT after i listened to Angles i regreted being hyped for it because when i heard the lyrics and tunes all i heard was money money and more money! I wanted The Strokes to be that one band that never evolved to society that the kept it the same way through out. Because if you go back to the amazing albums before Angles the music(You only live one, whatever happend,is this it, someday, ect) was perfect nothing was wrong with the sound or lyrics. And anyone can tell fan or no fan that Angles has a new sound, new feel, new band. I believe Agles will never be as good as the original 3. So is The Strokes selling out, yes the one band that i could never find a song i hated, became a band that took the Wrong Angle.

i dunno

i imagine they would have had big time producers and engineers on their cds when they were first starting if they could but not being super rich at the time they couldn't do it... i think any band that's goign to turn down the opportunity of good producers (etc) is too caught up in "keeping their INDIE image" or whatever you wanna call it.. music has to evolve, new producers is a way to do it

i don't think they're selling out and we all know that they don't have the kind of producers they had for the other records but this could just mean that they want someone that maybe has a little bit of more experience, and i'm not saying that the other producers are bad i'm just saying that this is just a different choice that the band had, and also i know Whitest boy alive they're awesome, and they're going 2 b at Coachella with Jules, well not with him but in the same festival.

Nope nope nope, they're not selling out.

i agree that metric is pretty popular but doesnt have alot of radioplay, they seem to make great albums that dont require "big" name producers or whatever...i agree that the strokes are still trying to make great music and albums but ITI and ROF were great albums without any of those things...i just hope that the 4th album brings back the nonchalant easy going music that made them who they are...

i don't think so.
a) while i agree with you-- (i like smaller production too. but metric is pretty big now...) i don't think they are. they're still not trying to conform to the masses ya know? they're just doing the music they want to!
b) just because they hired a famous producer doesn't mean they're selling out. it just means they have the money and security to hire someone bigger, and it's not selling out. they're just trying to make the album the very best it can be, with an excellent producer :)

it doesnt sound like selling out to me. it just sounds a bit more expensive- for the strokes :evil:

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