Just popping in to say hello.

Jul 16

Just popping in to say hello.

Posted by Red Lipgloss on

Hey everyone,

Long time no see (according to this thing, it's been over a year since I logged in. Holy hell)

Some of you might remember me, most of you probably don't- but Sam (ghettopinkchickn) and I were going through old pictures/videos/e-mails/internet shit together the other day and the topic of this MB and all the crazy shenanigans came up. It's kind of hard to believe that it'll be almost ten years since I first logged in here in a few months.

I'm checking in on her behalf and on mine, of course. Hope everyone (old and new members alike) are doing well. We're just ducky here. :)

And for Strokes-related purporses, it's nice to see Julian isn't fat anymore.


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<a href="http://www.facebook.com/theeraincats" title="http://www.facebook.com/theeraincats">http://www.facebook.com/theeraincats</a>. Coming from the suburbs of Los Angeles, CA. More like Disneyland...

I remember Ashley and the playskool hotdog.

Wow, this place is weird now. In a bad way I mean. It used to be all red on black chaos. Now it's all clean and organized and no one posts anything anymore.

Well, anyone still has a picture of my erect penis? Can't believe I was the only one to post a picture in that "Show your genitals" thread I started.

Another classy thread I made was the "MY FRIENDS ARE HAVING SEX IN MY ROOM RIGHT NOW" where I posted like a live photo-story of my 4 friends (2 males, 2 females) making out in my room. At the end of the thread the girls were topless, and sitting of top of the guys.

People weren't sure if I was making that up, but IT REALLY was happening as I posted the pictures. The girls were actually underage, which I now find hilarious. *Side anecdote: my mom found these pictures in my computer 2 months later, and she got mad, saying I was "producing pedophilia porn on the internet". her exact words (well, translated from french to english). although, technically she was kinda right.

anyway, good times.

Now for that "where are they now" part (kinda funny since about 2 people probably remember me) I am going to New York next fall for a college exchange thing. Am studying creative writing.

p.s. Anybody has Alima's adress? She was from New York I believe.

Finally remembered my password... I'm pretty jazzed for the new album. It makes the giddy 13 year-old Strokes fan in me emerge again.





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[quote="Red Lipgloss"]I really hope that the new album gets some of the other oldies curiosity going and they pop in here for a visit (sans the crazy broad, of course). It's fun to catch up with all of you.[/quote]

Darkness whet my appetite for more, surprisingly, as I gave up on them with ROF. Can't wait to hear more!

Which crazy broad do you speak of? We had many - I may even have been thrown into that catagory once or twice ;)

I remember all of you! Elodie, Julia, Samantha, Ivonne, and I just had a Strokes MB nostalgia fest on my Facebook the other day, complete with random pictures of Theo and Troy getting posted.

I really hope that the new album gets some of the other oldies curiosity going and they pop in here for a visit (sans the crazy broad, of course). It's fun to catch up with all of you.

Wow, this place has changed so much. It's nice to see that some of the oldies are still posting from time to time.

I used to be addicted to this board like WOW, posting day and night, it wasn't good for me at all. Oh well, at least I managed to improve my English (I am now an English teacher here in France). Those screen captures made me teary eyed haha. Good times.

Random names that pop up right now : Adam and his brother, Ashley, Matt (or whatever his name was, the guy who was trolling around), Troy Aiken, Samantha, Omar, Azure, Seshat, Peppermint Patty and Alex, Alicia, Paula from Finland, that Mexican guy (Theo ?), Chip Love, Louise, Luisse and surely others that I forgot.

I, for one, am interested in hearing what The Strokes are getting ready to release for us. Also, a last year ago I saw J. Casablancas on Letterman or Leno with his rock star hippie band. The song they chose was like an weird time sig or structure that built up to an excellent crescendo and ending. It was effin' sweet. But, nobody seemed to get it.

Regardless, The Strokes new stuff might be amazing. After so much time has passed. Hope everyone from "the day" is doing well. Cheers! :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

hiii I totally remember you. for anyone interested I somehow ended up joining the military which blows but it could be worse so whatever. I also got a bunch of tattoos and don't really listen to the strokes that much anymore except when I'm feelin nostalgic. I live in california now and I don't really like it at all.

[quote="Azure"]I for one have a nasty fucking cough. And a sideways vagina.

-Viv(And I think it would be awesome to see some screenshots of ten year old board drama.)[/quote]

I for one have a nasty fucking cough. And a sideways vagina.

-Viv(And I think it would be awesome to see some screenshots of ten year old board drama.)

Which of you oldies like Julian's new music? I find it atrocious.

WickaMan 4 lyfe


This captcha shit is annoying.

Good to see some familiar names in here (also, "knowing you" lmao at us still having [i]Wicker Man[/i] signatures) and that most of you are doing good. Same old shit here. Went back to college and am currently working in a law firm. I enjoy it. When I'm not there, I'm going to shows. Julian was here not too long ago but I missed it. Other than that? Not too much going on. :|

we're slowly digging this place out of its grave.

I'm not sure if it's a good idea.

[quote="ElishaLovesStrokes"]damn, now all we need is Max Fischer[/quote]


damn, now all we need is Max Fischer


Yeah I remember bein on here every day, obsessed with Albert Hammond, Jr. like no other. I still haven't gotten his second album, which makes me sad. considering I bought the first the day it was released.
Well, we've all grown, post-apocaliptic forum dorks. I'm now going to film school, and the Strokes still never send us any goddamn updates.
Some things never change.

wow.. i hadnt logged on either in about a year...... im so glad the spam is gone. nice to see everyone's still alive after the invasion :D

@It- I remember you as well, but didn't chat with you directly. My old friend rhonered aka jetboyjetgirl talked with you quite often. Does she still post here too?

Redlipgloss... that name sounds very familiar. I'm from the old school 2002-2004 days; If you're an oldie you would remember the Lauren drama where she said she hooked up with Nikolai at a Strokes/Moldy Peaches show, Mel, Ginger Williams, Dr Katz, etc etc. I used to post as Deana. Just came back to see which oldies were still around.

Hey, stranger! I bought one of those Hard Drive Reader things because I wanted to know what was on all those old hard drives lying around my house - one of them is full of really old and embarassing messageboard drama threads and photos. It's funny, in a tragic way.

Who is Julian?


Oh, and thanks to this forum I now have a much bigger penis and a horizontal vagina.

wow. good to see the board back on track.

the last time I was here (6 months ago) the entire forum was either trying to enlarge my penis or sell me porn.

In other interesting news, the 't' key on my keyboard no longer works so I have to paste every 't' from now on. thanks Dell!

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