Julian Casablanca's lyrics

Nov 03

Julian Casablanca's lyrics

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I’don’t really get round to taking to them. He’s got a number of rather sexy one-liners but the overall impression is one of inconsistency and randomness. Concerning his ´Ludlow Street`, he stated in an interview that he’d become ´kind of greedy` with the lyrics, which I guess is supposed to explain why he packed so many incoherent and fragmental thoughts into them. But to me it feels more like they’re a particularly apparent manifestation of his general lack of lyrical focus. He hardly ever seems to actually tie himself down to a certain topic or idea but rather contents himself with what looks like a haphazard succession of words and sentences. In my humble opinion that’s rather unconductive to the overall poetic quality of his writing. Which is a shame, because I suspect it’s not due to a lack of talent but to a lack of accuracy and care…

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Where the fuck do you people come from??

Wow, I'd never thought of it but you have a point. That effing sucks! Julian you should care more love!
I don't like that though, it's just Another reason for me to like Julian less. But totally, it's less fulfilling to sing along to a song when the words seem inane and completely disconnected to relevant and rational emotion.

@ Elisha...

Is that supposed to tell me something of is it also just a a haphazard succession of words...? :?:

But yet is that not the strokes, ever heard of them before...

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