After the Dust Has Settled

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After the Dust Has Settled

Posted by chip love on

"The Way It Is" is one of the sickest songs from the last ten years. It's an effin' anthem. And it holds strong after many years and many more listens.

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[quote="ElishaLovesStrokes"]Then don't post shit, really? what are you gonna do???[/quote]

Girl, you have been irksome since your first day. Granted, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion, but mostly, you need to STFU!

then get the fuck off my threads then.

wtf? i told you: back the eff up and don't tread on my thread.

Then don't post shit, really? what are you gonna do???

yeah, newb. i don't like you. don't ever post on my thread again. got it?

NEWBIE???? are you fucking kidding me??? like really, seriously???

by the way, you can just go suck it.

A new message board is on its way. I am sure completion will coincide with release of CD and a rush of new panty creamers. Ugh!

you pretty much suck you know nothing newbie fool. lick my balls.

yeah that song pretty much sucks


easy tiger

that's your opinion. that's not my problem. bitch.

it's the worst song on ROF....

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