Top 5 songs from each album you want to hear live

Mayo 12

Top 5 songs from each album you want to hear live

Posted by RosaJ82 on

The Strokes have been playing basically the same set list at their recent shows. I myself would love to hear them mix it up and play some stuff they haven't in a while (and i think most of you would agree), especially some other Room on Fire songs.

Wanted to see if we could compile a list of top songs that everyone wants to hear live (5 songs from each album).

I will start it off....

Is This It?
Barely Legal
Hard To Explain
New York City Cops
Trying Your Luck
Take it or Leave It

Room On Fire
Meet Me in the Bathroom
You Talk Way Too Much
Whatever Happened
Between Love and Hate

First Impressions of Earth
Heart In a Cage
Vision of Division
Ize of the World
Fear of Sleep

Machu Picchu
Life is Simple
Two Kinds of Happiness
Under Cover of Darkness
Taken For a Fool

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