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The 80s

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After listening to several of the songs off of The Strokes' new album Angles (especially "Machu Pichhu" and "Two Kinds of Happiness"), I can't help but noting the similarity between their new stuff and the sound that characterized a lot of Anmerican music during the 1980s. I f*cking love it, personally. What do you guys think?

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i think its great their changing it up! haha, but they still sound like the strokes, and whats great about that is they literally, in every song have that kind of quick guitar chord thing going on, like they have strokes in their songs, and valensi is a genius with his guitar, they all mesh so well! julian with his lyrics and voice(that doesnt sound like freddy hahaha) they still sound amazing

I can hear a tiny bit of Brian Mays guitar style in Gratisfation, but to say Julian sounds like Freddie is fucking blasphemous!!!! Go listen to Freddie sing again, and not their best of Cd, either!!!

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30 second previews
Posted by seshat on March 5, 2011 at 9:04 pm Steely Dan's 'Reeling in the Years' comes to mind when I listened to the 30 sec. clip of Gratisfaction. Eh. I like Petty's 'American Girl' much better. 'Taken For a Fool', which is growing on me, has a little Grass Roots 'Midnight Confession' going on there. Actually a majority of the songs have a very familiar sound to them. I hate to say it, but Darkness is the only song I sincerely like at this point.

(I am going to hope that you understand the "American Girl" reference.)

You can still tell it's them, it's still very Strokes-y. But I can tell that they're developing their style and exploring, which is great. And it's working out for them, unlike some other bands (see: Panic! at the Disco). It's not a total departure from their original type. I was listening to it just now and it does REALLY remind me of Queen. Julian sounds a lot like Freddie Mercury on that track, and the happy-rock-with-chorus-in-the-background is very Queen. But I adore it! (Lol, your English is great Smile )

I completely agree with you! Wink I have got similar feelings, especially when I listen "Two Kinds of Happiness", this is a great song. Maybe it isn't in a style of The Strokes but I like it very much. Furthermore, to my mind "Gratisfaction" reminds songs of the Queen. What is your opinion?
And I'm sorry for my mistakes in English!

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