Julian Casablancas + Milli Vanilli

Jun 15

Julian Casablancas + Milli Vanilli

Posted by mastermind68 on

Just read in an interview that Mr. Casablancas was supposedly ´going through a Milli Vanilli phase` a few month ago. And he obviously said ´the concepts blow my mind`.
And that reminded of something I’d almost forgotten about – several years back me and a friend were on holidays in Ireland and we were hitchhiking to the next bigger town. And this guy stopped, drunk as a skunk, and offered us a ride if one of us was driving. So we got in and my friend was driving and the bloke told us he was do wasted – and devastated – because he was friends with the Milli Vanilli guys and one of them had just recently died of an od…
Seems like the concept had blown their minds, too…

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I've been on a Milli Vanilli kick too. I just like listening to the old tunes I remember growing up with.


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