1 day sale - All four Strokes LPs on Vinyl @ Popmarket for $40.49 shipped!

Oct 12

1 day sale - All four Strokes LPs on Vinyl @ Popmarket for $40.49 shipped!

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The Strokes – vinyl bundle

Exclusive vinyl bundle offer of THE STROKES four studio albums including the Platinum-selling debut IS THIS IT and the brand new 2011 release ANGLES.

Entire Strokes studio album output on VINYL
4 LPs for ONE great price!
46 songs – Over 2 ½ hours of music
Includes the new album ANGLES on 180 Gram Audiophile LP Pressing

Original Price $82.92

In Stock, ships within 1-2 business days

The Albums:

IS THIS IT: The Strokes critically acclaimed, Platinum-selling debut was one of the most exciting and energetic rock albums to spring from New York’s club scene. With the singles “Hard to Explain,” “Last Nite,” and “Someday” the album has since gone on to be featured in several publications' lists of the best albums of the 2000s and of all time.

ROOM ON FIRE: Debuting at #4 on the Billboard chart, The Strokes Gold-certified second album features a slightly smoother sound than its predecessor and included three Top 40 Modern Rock singles: “12:51,” “Reptilia” and “The End Has No End.”

FIRST IMPRESSIONS OF EARTH: The Strokes third album was the band's first release to reach #1 (UK Album Chart) and was widely seen as an expansion beyond their first two albums. Includes the Modern Rock chart singles “Juicebox,” “Heart in a Cage” and “You Only Live Once.”

ANGLES: The Strokes highly anticipated fourth album, Angles is the band’s first new release since 2006’s First Impressions of Earth and marks the ambition of that album with the immediacy of the band’s earlier albums Is This It and Room On Fire. Despite the long gap between studio albums, critics have praised Angles as a welcome reinvention for the band.

LP Track Listings:

Side 1
1. Is This It
2. The Modern Age
3. Soma
4. Barely Legal
5. Someday

Side 2
1. Alone, Together
2. Last Nite
3. Hard To Explain
4. New York City Cops
5. Trying Your Luck
6. Take It Or Leave It

Side 1
1. What Ever Happened?
2. Reptilia
3. Automatic Stop
4. 12:51
5. You Talk Way Too Much
6. Between Love & Hate

Side 2
1. Meet Me In The Bathroom
2. Under Control
3. The Way It Is
4. The End Has No End
5. I Can't Win

Side 1
1. You Only Live Once
2. Juicebox
3. Heart In A Cage
4. Razorblade
5. On The Other Side
6. Vision Of Division
7. Ask Me Anything

Side 2
1. Electricityscape
2. Killing Lies
3. Fear Of Sleep
4. 15 Minutes
5. Ize Of The World
6. Evening Sun
7. Red Light

Side 1
1. Machu Picchu
2. Under Cover Of Darkness
3. Two Kinds Of Happiness
4. You're So Right
5. Taken For A Fool

Side 2
1. Games
2. Call Me Back
3. Gratisfaction
4. Metabolism
5. Life Is Simple In The Moonlight

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