gweiland, well said but.. Julian wrote the first two albums almost entirely by himself. Now, the band members want to participate but he made the strokes who you described them to be, the kings of rock or should have been. It seems that Julian is a control freak, like many talented people are about their work, and it has been difficult for him to step back.

I've listened to plenty of rock n roll artists from the 60's thru now and only a handful of bands have given us what the strokes have in their first three albums, greatness, track after track. Angles is a deviation from that standard. The songs do not sound very good live because they have experimented too much especially with the vocals - except for Under Cover which is one of their greatest tunes.

The band should come to terms that Jule's is a special talent and allow him to take the lead in most if not all of the songwriting. If they do not then the least they can do is bring back the old raw vocals from the previous 3 albums instead of the 80's pop vocals he used in Angles.

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