Mar 24


Posted by mrs. casablancas on

i've never gone to any strokes concerts but i really want to! the problem: they're not scheduled for any concerts!!!! No bonnaroo, no lalapalooza, no nothing!!! come on, strokes! play for me! and better yet come to buffalo where they can taste our fabulous chicken wings! haha But at least schedule some concerts - i need to see you guys perform live before i get old and senile.

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Concert in the Midwest? (Preferrably Kansas or
Missouri). I'm sure the Sprint Center would be overjoyed to have you guys! <3

Yes! I too am in Buffalo and want them to perform here or Toronto at least!! Been waiting too long!

we wanna see you in germany!!!

not to mention today is my birthday!!!!!! birthday present please??!!!! im getting old and julian, you need to sing me happy birtthday marylin monroe style haha. BIRTHDAY PRESENT: PLAY IN BUFFALO NY