Re: OBSESSED with Julian Casablancas

ok so im actually in love with julian. i say julian everyday. just randomly. i might be in the middle of a sentence and i will just say 'Julian.' i throw julian spazzes and my favorite thing in the world is listening to the strokes while talking to my best friends (she is also obssesed with julian to) he is so hot klfnrgolanrqplejhnaprkgjlepjnefhpjkqehnpejornefjhnqepjnqerhlqejkt AJOSDBHPOQGHPQOHNFJ julian. and i dont know if anyone else has an obsession like this. and to make it even MORE weird, I'm 13. OH MY GOD THE STROKES ARE SO AMAZING! i would go on forever but, julian. and and and dkjhadklgjadopigj julian.

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