Babyshambles and The Strokes team up!?!?!?!

6月 11

Babyshambles and The Strokes team up!?!?!?!

Posted by stillill on


I hope Helsinki is released.

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if they teamed up, the world would explode


I hope Helsinki is released.[/quote]


maybe because he's very social?

Why does Albert get to do the fun stuff?

yeh like when Julian did that track with pharrell and Santogold NME was like 'THE STROKES and SANTOGOLD and PHARRELL, even though it was one member again.

it's only Albert, and he went in the studio with a member of Babyshambles, like one or two days (a member that was not Pete) and played a couple of guitar parts..NME being ridiculous as usual, making people think there's some kind of supergroup coming out.

i heard it was only albert too.. i really hope it doesnt happen though. albert has way too much style and skill to mix with babyshambles. their shambolic sound just couldnt merge with the exact addictive riffs of albert.

I thought it was just Albert, the new smileys have chins.

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