a few questions ive been reminiscing on..

6月 11

a few questions ive been reminiscing on..

Posted by hellasweet4me on

what is expected of album number four [awesomeness]
any concerts/ touring expected soon, in the near future, coughcoughinnewyorkcoughcough?
[i]does[/i] album four even exist!!?
[i]will[/i] the strokes ever record ever again?!
or tour for that matter?!
or do anything?!!
[i]why[/i] am i skipping to horrible conclusions?!
[i]why[/i] do i keep asking pointless questions?!!!?!
[i]will[/i] i ever press the submit button?!?!

anyway, i hope you guys return from behind your own personal spectacularness and cigarettes and greatness and frighteningly awesome musical talents to share some with us,


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what? fab isn't dead! although i think if he was that is a fair enough excuse for putting off the album.

but didn't somebody say fab was dead??? i'm so confused!!!

hehe :lol: i`m totally agree with you xJessica

i`d like to heard it before i get married too!!

well the schedules [i]pretty[/i] important
id like this 4th album to come out before i get married and have kids and grandkids cos y'know, they equal responsibilities. i can't afford to be going out to see the strokes when little jessy jr. needs new shoes. especially not on a weeknight. ill never get a baby sitter.
so seriously, next ten years at the most please.

nothing specific is planned right now and they are definitely NOT in the studio right now

[b]the only answer to give you hellasweet4me is that they're alive and kicking (by kicking meant makin' music ) that's the most important , no matters 'bout the schedule :mrgreen: [/b]

Apparently they're in the studio right now recording before Albert goes on tour after his album is released in July. Then the rest of the band will do the mastering and mixing and whatnot without him. Hopefully we'll have a single and/or the album by the end of the year. They'll probably launch a full scale through all of next year.


i understand, there actually is a new album coming out. and those seemingly ridiculous questions i was asking...well, they were intentionally ridiculous.

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