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Avatars are currently disabled, and at the same time, there is a size restriction set to 90x90 pixels.

I have a phpBB board myself, and I think that somebody was at least tinkering with the size restrictions of avatars. Does that mean that we're getting them in the future?

It would be very nice, I could deal with the 90x90 pixels/6KB limitation that is currently set.

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[quote="King of Sorrow"]Bad idea.

It's already boring to see your silly signature images.[/quote]
So they can disable images in signatures? It's pretty goddamned simple.

And 99% of message boards have avatars, why would one like this disable them?

Avatars ! and they should be able to be any pic we want, not like some stupid cartoon character :p

Bad idea.

It's already boring to see your silly signature images.

maybe all the website staff are also on a break and due to return in early 2009.

I've yet to figure out the purpose of a Suggestion forum if nobody does anything.

i am For avatars!

I still haven't figured out why we don't have them. We're allowed to have images in our signatures and everything.

yeah, avatars would be nice...

yea i agree. almost all of the other boards ive seen have the function enabled

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