On the Other Side

6月 15

On the Other Side

Posted by Rick3001 on

Is it just me or is this song about Jim Morrison ? The acid bass line is vintage Doors, "the other side" is a Doors phrase, and Casablancas was supposedly inspired by Morrison.

[b]"I remember when you came
You... taught me how to sing"[/b]

He does sing like Morrison sometimes, kinda of crooning as opposed to harmonizing.


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I'm listening to this song right now. It's so good. "I will not go to sleep. I will train my eyes to see." Awesome.

JULIAN I NOW Whats waiting For You On The Other SIDE

I NOW YOU NOW RIGHT.....................................------ :o

You may be right, dude. Only the lyricist himself knows what he meant.
Here's why I think it was about Jim.


and [b]BAM[/b]


The last paragraph of the 3rd page of that article ( which is really well written btw) talks about how Jule's stepdad gave him a copy of [i]Best of the Doors[/i], which kinda got him going.

[i]"I remember when you came,
You taught me how to sing"[/i]

No, the song is not about Jim Morrison. It's about drinking too much. Especially the day after the carousal, you feel horrible and you hate everyone. At least that's how I relate to the song.

" I know you're waiting for me..."

thats a meeaan explanation.
i like it

^ That's a really good analysis, Rick3001. I always thought Julian and Jim's lyrics were similar; they're both poetic, deep, thought-provoking lyrics.

When I first heard the song I was like, that bassline is so Doors. Then the lyrics really do seem like he was channeling Jim.
I'm a big Doors fan so this is what got me listening to the Strokes.

[b]I'm tired of, everyone I know
Of everyone... I see... on the street and on TV[/b]

[b]I hate them all, I hate them all
I hate myself for hating them
So I'll drink some more, I'll love them all
I'll drink even more...
I'll hate them even more than I did before[/b]

That is SO Jim Morrison. A manic depressive, genius drunk. The 60s were a repressive time and Jim didn't fit in with all the fake happy, hippie groups back then. Not a lot of people back then liked him and the feeling was mutual.

[b]I remember when you came
You... taught me how to sing
Now... it's seems so far away
You... taught me how to say

I read online somewhere that Julians' stepdad or someone older gave him a Doors CD and thats when Jules got heavy into Rock. And he does sing like him sometimes - Morrison sang with attitude and balls - unlike most wussy guy singers. Also Jim was a real smart guy and I gather Jules is too - at least he went to really good, private schools anyway ; So they both write deep, complex lyrics.

[b]On the other side, on the other side
I know what's waiting for me on the other side
On the other side, on the other side
I know you're waiting for me on the other side[/b]

The "Other Side" is a phrase a lot of writers and artists use to allude to death. Jim was kind of morbidly obsessed with death and its like Jules' is saying - You taught me about death, about what's waiting for everyone on the Other Side.


I've never seen things that way. But your theory is really interesting.

^ I always thought Julian sounded like Jim Morrison, especially in their Arlene Grocery show. But it could be about him; it definitely seems like it if you look at the lyrics.

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