iLove the New Milennium

6月 19

iLove the New Milennium

Posted by hardtoexplain on

haha ive been waiting for that to come out for a while. I dont get how its gonna come out on Monday when its only 2008, still. Anyways, I'm hoping during some year it mentions The Strokes, or I'm gonna get pretty pissed. That would be so cool if it does, cause it would probably get them more fans and that would be perfect to announce the album release date around then too. *wink wink*

btw, its on VH1 if you didnt already know, they have commercials for it that dont really make sense, though.
i wonder whats the theme of the new milennium.. I mean when i think of every year in american history from the 1900s, every year had some kind of overall trend. from the depression to like disco, rock n roll, and hiphop. what would be the trend of the 00's?

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