I'll Try Anything Once

6月 21

I'll Try Anything Once

Posted by jimmystroke on

the b-side !!
you only live once!!!!

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I love this song!! Ten decisions shape your life youll be aware of five of those.... Such a good song. U can buy it on itunes ya know live from electric lady studios. Just jules singing and nick on piano.

Do you know where i can get that single? i live in mexico! i need Heart in a Cage's single

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SapU25mz8EA" title="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SapU25mz8EA">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SapU25mz8EA</a>

Radio 1 version with I'll Try Anything Once lyrics!!

i like it better than the actual, y'know, not bside version.. Tongue

i love this song!
i think julians voice is amazing in this song!
i learned how to play this song on the piano.
it was pretty easy.
i wanna sing with julian sooooo bad!!!

I dont know if the lyrics are better but having just the piano allows them to be more important in the song. I really love this song and ive said it before but it amazes me he felt that he needed to change it (or could be bothered for that matter), that julian is a special guy.

GOD his voice is beautiful on this demo track. Personally, I feel that the lyrics in this demo are actually better than the studio version of You Only Live Once.

I love them both, but man, the slow works really well.

i love love love this song! :D

[quote="Therese"]Its sweet! Julians voice is so calm and very sexy![/quote]
and that dreamy piano ........... awwwwwww

i like it better than yolo.

This song shows a way calmer side of The Strokes, i love it :D

God, this a GREAT song. And I agree that Julian sounds sexy. =D


Its sweet! Julians voice is so calm and very sexy!

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