No New Strokes Album Until At Least 2009

6月 22

No New Strokes Album Until At Least 2009

Posted by saulobato on

[b]In an exclusive interview, Hammond Jr, who is currently promoting his second solo album, was reluctant to give further details about the band's futur[/b]e.

[i]“I know we (the Strokes) are going to get together sometime next year but nothing is set that I know of,” he said.

“I don’t really like to say too much about it as I’m only a fifth of a band but it will be happening.”

Unconfirmed reports have linked producer Pharrell Williams to the band's new album following his recent collaboration with Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas
[b][size=200]BAD NEWS FOR ME !!!!![/size][/b] :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

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Could it just be a rumor that Pharrel is producing the fourth album, due to the fact that they were just in a commercial together?

I believe someone said that they are taking longer to get into the studio because of Albert's need to tour. Untrue, in some article I read Albert said that if Jules called him and said they were going to get to work, he would drop everything and go into the studio, The Strokes are his number one priority. Basically, all of The Strokes are ready to go back to work except Julian, they are all waiting for his say so, but it was confirmed that in early 2009 they are going to have a meeting to make decisions on where they are heading next, which I assume deciding on who they want to produce their next record.

the strokes' fourth album likely won't be out until 2010. think about it, their going to start working on it in early 09, and it took them about 9 months to make first impressions of earth, and it only makes sense that it'd take them about that long to do the follow up.(since they've some to prefer taking time and really forming songs, letting them breathe instead of cramming it into a month like they did with room on fire;not that room wasn't a great album). so figure they take 6 to probably around 9 months time to make the album and then with mixing and stuff it's likely this album won't be out until like srping 2010. the wait is fine by me, let them do what they need to to make another great album.

No fucking way. I don't want Pharrell to produce their next album.

I agree. Everyone just has to stay positive. Think about it: FIOE came out in January 2006, however they released Juicebox as the first single around November/December 2005 and they started touring in October 2005, so that means whenever the new album comes out we'll be able to hear new music earlier than that and they'll start touring long before that too. So if the new album was supposed to come out in early 2010, we'd hypothetically be able to hear new music and see them on tour in late 2009 which is only about a year away. There's going to be tons of news leading up to the new album so we won't be in the dark for long.

Hey they said early 2009, just go with that, they might take longer but the longer you wait the sweeter its gonna be to see them touring & having a new album, They're my favorite band, & they are probably everyone elses favorite band on here, so just relax, theres alot more music to experience & yeah listen to alberts ablums & Julian had a song with queen of the stone age, the song is sick sick sick,& yeah that my drive-thru song :) its better than nada & yeah so it doesnt have to feel like too long. even though it has been what? two years? oh well they were touring for like 6....but yeah before we know it we'll have some more knews. CHEER UP haha.

Dammit. I told the Strokes a "suggestion" on their myspace page to release the CD on my 15th birthday, January 19th. You don't know how escatic I would be if that happened. But part of me doubts it... lol and yeah I know you're probably like "yeah what are the odds" but im really optimistic and just think that way. if it doesnt happen, whatever, just hopefully it comes around then anyways.

All that I do is wait for you....How long must I wait?[/i]


[b]why soo long...!!?[/b]
I want a new album and a tour badly, like some of you, but 2009 or 2010 sounds pretty far..... :x :?

when I first read the new album is coming, I was soo madly happy, and I 've expected it'll happen in 2008 ..
but I was way too naive.. :evil: :geek: :cry: :cry:

Life as strokes fan isn´t easy right now. It´s not an easy life as Strokes fan! They get in the studio in 2009, so 2010 as a release date seems a good estimate. Touring only mid- 2010 as earliest date I guess. That´s pretty shit, this wait.

I love the three cds but already am a little tired of listening to them. Hopefully it´ll turn out to be less than one thinks now.

dang that sucks, but at least its been answered that there will be a new album, thats all i ever ask for, now that made my day.

Yeah the article says Albert is working on a THIRD ALBUM and has his OWN STUDIO in NYC. wtf...

Haha, niiice.
Anyways, I don't think I can wait that long!

[b]Goddamn lazy-ass Strokes.[/b]

im just gna go into hibernation...somebody wake me up wen the 4th album comes out! i cant take ne more waiting!!!!

skdjnaskdbashjdsa i don't like to wait so much! it is killing me

Unconfirmed reports have linked producer Pharrell Williams to the band's new album following his recent collaboration with Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas
[b][size=200]BAD NEWS FOR ME !!!!![/size][/b] :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:[/quote]

:? :? :?

that was so obvious!! albert new cd is coming this year soo he need to tour all that is left of this year!

There's a new article over at Oh Someday with Albert talking about the band's future plans... and Pharrell:

por que indeed.

I really hope the long wait will be worth it... meaning I'd get to catch them live for the 4th album tour!!! or else I might just commit hara kiri. or something less dramatic.


haha :lol:

oo.. I hope there will be a huge tour in europe, the 4 th album must come!!

I'm guessing late summer of '09 for their album, or a little later in times for the holidays.

* That goes double now that Niko's album won't be out till Spring(in US).

Well when you think about it, that really makes sence.

Albert wouldn't have released his new album, knowing full well that he would have to tour and do promo for the album, if the strokes had ANY plans of recording any time soon.

I can't see them going in to record anything before very late '08 - early to mid '09.

I don't think we will see a 4th album till 2010.... :|


do you have a link? for the whole interview?


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