Think they'll be a 'different' track on the 4th album?

6月 24

Think they'll be a 'different' track on the 4th album?

Posted by cjb88 on

i think every album has a track that stands out from the others (from a production or instrumental), 'Hard to Explain' had the drums chopped up in the studio to sound like a drum machine, 'The Way it is' had an actual drum machin (i think) and 'Ask Me Anything' was Nick on a Mellotron. Just wondering what the next one will be ...

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I think the main way they could change would be through the vocals, my drive thru sounds a lot different but really cool.

I don't see that sequence as you do. Hard to explain may have had a different type of recording for the drums, but to me it sounds like the other songs, in fact, it represents perfectly the album as a whole - it's a normal song on it. The Way it is does sound quite different, but not that much different, considering the strange vocals in reptilia, the synth-like sound of the guitars in 12:51, etc. Ask me anything was very different, for sure the most different song they've done. But what I'm trying to say is that Is This It had all songs quite similar in how they were made and how they sound (of course, each song is different, they're not just variations of the same thing like other bands do); Room on Fire had more differences between the songs but it still sounded quite the same all through; First Impressions of Earth had many more differences in the sounds and styles of different songs. So, I don't think that it is so much that there one different song for each album.

However, I do think that the fourth album will have different songs, perhaps even more difference between them than FIOE, and who knows, we may get a song with Julian singing alone and playing the guitar, that would be interesting... But I don't think they'll ever do somethin too different that it's not them, like, a song with an orchestra, or a keyboard with synths or a saxophone or whatever.

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