Julian Casablancas Quote Thread

7月 02

Julian Casablancas Quote Thread

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Let's face it, the man has said some pretty genius things. Post them all here and we can create a guidebook of quotes to live our lives by.,,I'm serious. Remember: WWJCD...What Would Julian Casablancas Do.

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[quote="Red Lipgloss"]"Sorry about that!" - Julian after unintentionally shattering my glasses when I was 16 when he dove into the crowd to crowdsurf and almost killed me and the shorter girls next to me.

I also enjoyed his screaming "FUCK THE RED SOX" at a show a couple of years later. The crowd booed him.[/quote]

that has got to be the best story ever.

"Sorry about that!" - Julian after unintentionally shattering my glasses when I was 16 when he dove into the crowd to crowdsurf and almost killed me and the shorter girls next to me.

I also enjoyed his screaming "FUCK THE RED SOX" at a show a couple of years later. The crowd booed him.

"Uhm... I don't know what I can give you...a hug???"-Jujubean to me <3


I picture Jules slumped in a chair or draped on a couch, or standing, shuffling his feet, kinda shy, kinda distracted, soldiering through...and I love it. And that last quote was kinda fantastic.

Great job Avo Cado!

"He's got a lot of really cool solo shit." - on John Lennon

"We are not here to save rock'n'roll! Please quote us on that. We're not going to change your life, and the way everyone is idealising our arrival on the scene is ridiculous. Look, the bottom line is the music. That's it. Simple."

When I used to look at CDs when I was a kid, it was like, 'Producers? Why the fuck do I give a shit who produced it?' If you see the band have co-produced it, you start imagining them in technical situations, and who needs that? I want to picture the band coming in, recording the song once and then leaving. I like the idea of that raw efficiency."

"No one gives a shit right now in the middle of America about the Strokes. Eventually, I expect we'll do the same shit in America as here. We'll do the same shit to the whole world."

"Recording sucks your soul. I swear to God I've never wanted a vacation as much as I do now. I mean, it's fun... but the pressure is insurmountable."

"The idea of lip-synching to songs on a film just seems retarded to me"

"I love New York. The only thing is, when you're here, you constantly feel like you've got to get out. Human evolution didn't mean for people to be in a city like this all the time. You get so fucking aggressive about everything. You want to fight all the time, because you're so pissed off with people living on top of you."

"I don't want to be some brainiac band. I just want us to do what we do: ROCK YOUR FUCKING BALLS OFF."

"When I was probably 13 or 14, my brother bought me a Velvet Underground CD, and I just loved it."

"When I hear Bob Marley, I realize how much we suck."

"I was punished all the time. I had to wake up at six in the morning to jog around the school. I'd get caught for smoking or whatever. It sucked. There were a lot of Turkish people there. They were nice, but you know... they all wore Versace jeans. It was the biggest culture shock of my life." - on school

"It's not like we're posh kids who drove fancy cars or anything. You've got to have money to live in Manhattan, but we all still hung out on the street and drank 40s."

"We walk into places and people say, 'Yeah, we've heard of The Strokes, they're a bunch of fucking assholes.' They'll say it to your face and then they'll want to hang out with you. Two days later, they'll be round asking to hear the album. Fucking dipshits."

"The problem with the press is that they're trying to stuff a turkey into a pigeon-hole. They want to say we're so New York and we're CBGBs and all this 70's shit, but what we're trying to be is universal in our experiences, with New York as our foundation. If people are confused when they see us because we don't sound like The Stooges, I think: Good point, because I never said we did. In fact, I say the opposite in articles, but it doesn't matter, because they all write the same shit - about The Stooges and The Velvets. It's ridiculous to think that's what we are, because that scene is dead."

"He was drunk out of his mind. er said 'Fuck you.' I said 'Fuck you' back. Then it was, 'look at you with your pink fuckin' tie.' And I was, 'What about you, you look like a fuckin' yuppie.' er didn't like that. Had me by the throat, calling me a cunt. So I kinda hit him in the neck. And that's when I got thrown out." - Julian in a London pub

"I really don't worry about where we fit in the business. I think we're somewhere in the middle-somewhere between hardcore and the cheesy, commercial, melodic stuff. And that's somewhere I want to be. I think all the really good artists were like halfway between commercial and intellectual. But you know, I really don't like talkin' about this stuff, I'd really rather sit down with you and have a beer."

"Although we really like girls, it's almost as if we like each other better. We'll definitely go get laid, but we won't hang out with the qirl and be like, 'Oh I love you', we'll go straight back to the band."

"I'll tell you straight up, there are a lot of much better bands than us. New bands? I'm not talking about that shit, but there's a lot of good music out there. A lot of this hype is bullshit. I think we're pretty good and I want us to be successful. That's about it, though."

"I'm not full of shit. If we don't get better, I don't want to do this any more. I don't want to just hit some kind of fame. I just want to do something good. That's the only way I'm going to be satisfied."

"We're working hard, man. And the harder you work, the more your qualities are focused. Right now our qualities are squeezing out of us like…like juice."


"Let me tell you something, let me tell you...man. You..you're......oh shit, I am so wasted right now. (keeps from throwing up) Where the f@ck is the bathroom?" JC, NYC 2001

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