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7月 28

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Has anyone else caught the underlying themes in this song? It's quite sarcastic in fact, like most of First Impressions. Julian claims he has nothing to say, when in fact he mentions more in this song than most bands do in an entire album. He said the only things left of the American Indian genocide are camp names. He said that rude and heartless children are raised to be soldiers, when God(art) is in front of their faces. And lastly he mentions that all the rantings of politics and human conditions aren't for the Strokes; their for other bands(you) to explain/figure out. Most of First Impressions exhibits subliminal themes, like a Kubrick film, which makes it perhaps the most intriguing album I've ever heard.

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This was really an interesting topic and I kinda agree with what you have mentioned here!
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not to mention i love the sound of a cello.

they* are conversations they have with their families so there it's a song and your being part of their lives as well :mrgreen: get it :geek:

i can't lie but um it sounds* attractive to me thing is the group is not around. were they all involved ??? my minutes are coming to an end 5 or ten so with that i say i guess julian aswers that :roll: :geek:

Right on! This song is a masterpiece. Lyrically, very clever and very direct. Musically, this is the first song to step out and break the Strokes "5 Part" rule; it also features Mellotron (early keyboard) which is the first time a Strokes song has had keyboard (Besides the demo, I'll Try Anything Once). This shows that the Strokes are moving up and doing whatever it takes to make excellent music.

Man, I love how the Mellotron is so relentless. It is very loud and very overpowering and has virtually no dynamic range. Casablancas is barely louder than it and it creates a very strong yet subtle result. It's kind of hard to explain but the song while still being a soft ballad projects power and loudness at the same time.

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