My Drive Thru

7月 31

My Drive Thru

Posted by cess721 on

i want to know how many people like this song?? personally i thought it was catchy but still iffy of it... it kind of sounds stroke-ish at first but pharrell starts to sing and it completely changes the sound... which i hate. i love Julian's voice and it does not mess\h well with pharrell. i will stick by my guy Jules though. one more thing who thinks its sounds like a song beck would do?

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Well I like the song. It's absolutely nice. I have heard this for how many times on my <a href="">greenville used cars</a> sometimes on my <a href="">used cars in sc</a>.

I loved Julian in that and actually like the whole song. I can hate a song and then Julian can pop up in it and i'll love it haha he makes everything better. but truthfully the music video kind of gave me a headache

the song was good
they all wrote their own parts
which you really can tell
and pharell probably doesnt sing as much cause he produced it
but thats just my guess
jules's part is sweet!
"i regret everything ive done"
ooh juuulllleeeeesss

julians vocal lines are the best, but santogold has the best lyrics in the song.

i personally love all of it


in all honesty i like the video a lot more than the song.
the lines that jules sings are the best. :o)

pharrell does sing.

i think that julian completes the song!!!!!!
i dont really like santagold in it that much tho.......
but its a catchy song...

i liked the song. i agree that pharrell did not show an impact on the song(and left santogold and julian singing by themselves) but they should make changes on that the song wuznt really catchy buy y'all gotta like the rhythm

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