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hey guys, do any of you know what AVA means?

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i´m working on the lyrics translation for this particular song (i´m from argentina Laughing out loud, they´ll be around here 11/4) and looking for meanings i found that the A.V.A is a theatre in reno, nevada i think. Check that one out; since the song talks about varieties and training in that very same part, i think it´s really possible that he´s talking about that theatre.

or have sex even both why not :lol: i want that champagne not much of a drinker though :arrow:

mmm that's sounds good guess why mmm let them kill themselves

Someone on referred to it as a drug reference. But I'm not entirely sure.

I found a lot of definitions for AVA in the dictionary, but I'm almost sure none of this is correct, but here is one...1. a small south asian waxbill that is often kept as a caged bird.

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