about a concert

11月 10

about a concert

Posted by champloo_zero on

when u guy want come to malaysia...??/

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Hello guys!
I'm so exited now because I really believe that you all will read this dumb message (I know you have hundreds of things to do), anyway I'd like you to come to Mexico (Acapulco if possible, because I live here) I'm 20 years old and I've never been in a concert (I like rock but here all the concerts are country music concerts or something like pop) because I'm waiting for an amazing experience so I think if I go to one of your concerts it'd be the best choice I can do, but I know you are recording now and everything so you won't come in a while right? I like almost all your songs so I'm sure the next album will be great as you all are very talentive and your music is original and made with all your being (at least that's my impression). I want to thank you for explaining how I feel in your songs (the end has no end, is this it, heart in a cage, someday, red light, between love and hate...) You don't even know who I am and neither do I but I feel like I do know you somehow because if you can explain my life and feelings for sure you are like me in a way. I'm also learning english through your lyrics. Thank you thank you guys, you must be proud for doing terrific music. I'll be waiting for your next album and concert.

[size=200]hey guys!when you come to greece?[/size]

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