does anybody know?

11月 15

does anybody know?

Posted by 512 La Mesa on

what kind of effects that nick uses in 12:51

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yep turn all the tones down and volume up he said that they blew an amp every hour trying to record it

I can't remember what exactly he did, but he changed the pick-up (I think) on his guitar from another model... I am not a guitarist so I'm not sure how it works. But his guitar is fairly unique and custom, and gives him a pretty unique and custom sound. He obviously did use some type of synth effect in the "hook" of 12:51 there is doubt about that.

Its deffinately not a synth pedal like most people think. I tryed to play the song with a synth pedal and it sounded nothing like it. A more closed up tone sounds almost identical to it.

I believe he just turns all the tone down on his guitar

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