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1月 30

Some news

Posted by Ripjerry95 on

this is the same man behond the travy-trav profile, only the website is being an ASS and not letting me in.

ANYWAY, wikipedia says the fiollowing:

"The Strokes' frontman Julian Casablancas and guitarist Nick Valensi started writing new material for their band's forthcoming new album in the latter stages of January 2009, which they are set to go in the studio to finalize in February of the same year."

here's the link if you wanna check for yourself, its towards the bottom:

I know, i know, its wikipedia. but they're usually right. and if they aren't, they tend to be corrected by an admin or person withing 5 minutes to a couple of days.

so you can all stop BITCHING about whether the new album is gonna come out of not. the first single should be cool. i hope they don't change their sound TOO much, because i mean, thats pretty much why we like them in the first place.

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