FIOE is my favourite album and I'm not ashamed to say it

3月 03

FIOE is my favourite album and I'm not ashamed to say it

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I finally admited it. Not if that is important. I love On The Other Side, Vision Of Division, You Only Live Once, Red Light, Heart in A Cage I love them all! The sound, the lyrics, it's all there.I could spend ages talking about each and one of the song, these songs get to me in ways other songs do not. It's scary the way i see myself in On The Other Side, for example.

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FIOE is my fav album too

FIOE is my fav album too

There you go! Good job, cos it's mine too! And everyone hates it, saying that Is This It is better. It some ways. However, for me on a personal level, FIOE take the cake! My fav album ever!

I think this is an album I can show somebody and say "hey, this is me"

congratz ;)

FIOE makes me sweat..hee hee all over...

FIOE is great, my favorite 2 songs of this album are Juicebox and Vision of division

johnny cash!?!?! projected vomit coming towards you off your screen.
I luv the Juli jules v n Strokes....[/quote]

The lyrics from On The Other Side just reminds me of him....for some reason Ring Of Fire comes to mind. I don't know why. I'm not comparing their voices.

FIOE is my favorite album too. the strokes are constantly improving. the arranging was a lot stronger than room on fire for sure, especially in songs like vision of division. (and who can resist the phrygian dominant scale of albert's solo?) the sound's a lot cleaner too, and i definitely like that. i could really write a novel about FIOE.

while heart in a cage and juicebox weren't my favorite songs on FIOE, i really can't see how any of the strokes' music could be described as commercial, haha.

i'm not really a huge fan of lyrics in general, so i can't speak much there, but oh the composition~

johnny cash!?!?! projected vomit coming towards you off your screen.
I luv the Juli jules v n Strokes....

I'm really glad you said this. Personally, I could never choose a favorite... I love them all. It really pisses me off when people bash FIOE though. A band does progress and change with time, and I think that's a good thing; they shouldn't be reprimanded for deviating. Different can and is positive, and therefore should be welcomed.

Also, The first Strokes song I heard was You Only Live Once, which I promptly bought along with Juicebox and Heart In A Cage. FIOE is the reason I sought out The Strokes. Actually, initially, I was disappointed with Is This It and Room On Fire, and only enjoyed FIOE. Obviously now I'm addicted to all of them, but anyway, I totally agree. On The Other Side is such a great song, too. Reminds me of Johnny Cash SO much.

I get you point. Honestly, I think the only comercial songs from FIOE are Juicebox and Heart In a Cage...and maybe YOLO. I think songs such as OTOS, Red Light and Evening Sun are more unlikable for people to like than Someday, Last Night or Under Control. So I think that's kinda relative...

Erm...ok. I love FIOE as well. On the other side is an amazing song, but my favourite on it is Red light. It's just that they sound way more vintage in their other albums...FIOE's sound is a bit more comercial.

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