i have to go with a classic

9月 11

i have to go with a classic

Posted by vryselctiv on

sliced cucumbers with lemon and salt. for some it's a bit on the acidy side just add small amounts of cold water mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

what would they eat. i guess some um lentil soup is good to, but i'd have to add salt, 1 sliced onion ,and one clove of garlic. i like my soupy not to mention with guess what... lemon mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

no thanks with the hydroponic vegetables though. i'd grow my own but um people like having fun every now and again. :geek: show me why your so ugly that's uh :|

i'd hate to say it but if i wanted to starve i'd smoke it up man :D mj mmmm i'm peter parker

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