The Strokes have announced

11月 13

The Strokes have announced

Posted by stuntman_sergio on

they will be gettign back together in February after Julian plays his New York Residency for Phrazes
so is this another whole 2009 again??
like they said after Julian made that collabaration with pharell
we will have to wait and see
in julians home city New York, LaDanian Tominlinson getting off!!

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This is from two weeks ago (that was already posted by another person on this forum):

"We're supposed to get back together in January but don't hold me to that," he said, sounding a little frustrated by the prolonged gestation of his band's fourth album.

I'm pretty sure Sergio is talking out his ass because, if he wasn't, he would have already given us the sauce ;)

Where's the sauce?

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