Thanks to Julian.....

11月 15

Thanks to Julian.....

Posted by Max Fischer on

I wanted to Thank Jules for all he is doing for his fans. Not long ago, before Jules announced his solo project, I had posted about how I wished the Strokes did more to include their fans and try to take advantage of all the resources available to do something really exciting. And it's as if Jules read my mind and took what I was saying and took it to a level I couldn't even imagine.

I just really love how he is doing all this cool stuff involved with his solo project -- the box set.. the cool Disney type shows.. the cool website with all kinds of little hidden surprises.. the preview.. all the art work. the christmas song.. the TV spot and video coming out. I wish the Strokes had been doing this kind of stuff all along.

I wonder why they weren't? Is this something Julian had wanted to do all along but the rest of the band didn't? Or did Julian change?

Anyway.. I love it.. and I think Julian is really a creative genius. I love his vision for this whole thing and I hope he keeps it up and can push it even further.. I feel like he is raising the artform to new levels in all aspects and even creating all new dimensions...


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