New drug! its called Phrazes

11月 17

New drug! its called Phrazes

Posted by troywilliams on

For the young, use as directed: take 5 to 10 huge hits of somthing you "shouldent" be smoking, lay down, insert "phrazes for the young" into any sound system and let julian make sweet sweet love to your ears.

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Why is it odd? Your behavior illustrated what I was saying perfectly. Everyone doesn't hav to to post along with you -- all that matters is that you are behaving like the rest of the group without thinking for yourself. It's like kids in school all acting the same because the see everyone else doing it.. rather than marching to the beat of your own drum. This is why I am a fan of Julian.. because he epitomizes thinking for yourself.. he's a loner.

But I was the only one who commented. It's hardly like all of my friends jumped on board. Anyone who's seen this thread has kept a wide berth because it's really boring to see online arguments. Or be a part of them. Although you seem to want to get involved in every single one. I find that odd.

It's Strokes Cult fascism because anyone that posts something and they are outside of the "group" they gt slammed.. where as if you a r in the group they would celebrate like it was the funniest thing ever said.. it's some kind of crazed group think mentality.. humans are afraid to think for themselves.. this is why I am such a freak.. that is all I ever do.. it puts a giant target on me.. Troy has shown he thinks for himself too and he gets slammed for "stepping out of line" in this thread.

i don't get how this is Strokes fascism...I love JC's album.

Okay, Troy, I apologise for bashing your spoof when you were clearly just trying to put something amusing in the miasma of spam.


[quote="Max Fischer"]See.. this is what I was talking about in the other thread.. that right there is the Strokes cult fascism at it's finest.[/quote]

EXACTLY, ohhh man well thats the world we live in here lol. happy that this other one likes it up the butt hole so much lol.

But I like taking it all the way up feels tingly.

See.. this is what I was talking about in the other thread.. that right there is the Strokes cult fascism at it's finest.

okkkay, no need to take it allll the way up the ass champ. calm down, not like your posting anything any better.

I got it, dipshit. Title: vaguely amusing; content: rubbish. May as well have been spam.

lol, of course you dont get it. its a fucking spoof of all the drug spam we've got on here

Pffffft....hardly makes the album a drug.
Just a nice boost to the situation.

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