I have a proposal

12月 05

I have a proposal

Posted by hello Headphones on

hey, If we can get everyone on this board to e-mail ryan about the spam problem he might take this as a serious problem and fix it.

If your with me, just send an e-mail and then post a reply here. together we can overcome.

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a moderator comes in every couple of days and clears it all off...unfortunately those damn bots just don't stop!!

Is it just me or is some of the spam gone?

maybe some of the people who got into a fight just changed their alias for fear of being ostracised (or ostracized for you American citizens) from the group? By doing that they get to start some shit and vent then just come back to the group fresh, like nothing has happened. Quite dissimilar to life, where I'd guess at least 50% of regular forum users don't succeed too well in social situations and disagreements. Just a theory...

Yeah, when people use to get in fights, on the board they would magically be gone a.k.a. their account would get deleted, maybe he just gave up

Sometimes I wonder if they are letting it happen because of all the fighting on the board.

I also wonder if some other Strokes sites members might be behind it to get more business their way.. especially while new fan might be looking for a Strokes message board. I noticed spam started appearing on Julian's forum right away, too.

But I will email them if everyone else is in. It's worth a shot!

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