The Strokes' Best 3 Songs

12月 16

The Strokes' Best 3 Songs

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The first Time I saw Julian's fall in that performance I laughed as hell!

I LOVE that performance.deffinetly their best!

I love the performance of take it or leave it on letterman. That's their all time best live performance imo.

1. Take it or Leave it
2. Ize of the World
3. The Way it is

1. You Only Live Once
2. The End Has No End
3. Hard to Explain

well thats "first impressions" for you , half of it was absolute brilliance.

Wow, there are alot more songs from First Impressions of Earth being mentioned than I thought there would be!

The Modern age
Ize of the world
Red light

dont do this to me! :cry:

1. The Modern Age
2. Juicebox

id have to say...

1. Alone Together
2. Barely Legal
3. Juicebox

I've had about 50 different versions of my favorite three over the years :lol: If I had to go with what I'm feeling right now:

1. You Only Live Once
2. Juicebox
3. Reptilla

FIOE was my least favorite album by far compared to the other two, but the three singles off that album were great (those two plus Heart in a Cage). I also love You Talk Way Too Much, New York City Cops, and Red Light.

ahhhhh this is way to hard!

Im gonna have to go with
2.The End had No End
3.Under Control

it's too hard to pick a fave stroke song tho.

Trying Your Luck
The Modern age
Hard to Explain

id say

2. Ize of the world
3. the end has no end

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