They Hate Each Other! :(

8月 12

They Hate Each Other! :(

Posted by albertman on

For all you die hard fans like me that have been reading EVERY interview with Julian, its pretty obvious, the relationship has gone south! It was hard for me to accept at first because I truly believe The Strokes are the best band alive today! I am not in the norm with fans though, I thought every album got progressively better. My favorite is "First Impressions of Earth". I know some fans prefere the earlier 2 but thats just me. I dont always like a direction a band grows into. A good example is the new Arcade Fire album "The Suburbs". I love Funeral and Loved Neon Bible even better, but they have let me down with "the Suburbs". Now its not that its a bad album, its just a direction im not really diggin. Im hoping that The Strokes keep on the path they are on. If things go as they have been, im totally on board. Julian did say if he had to compare it to any album, he would compare it to "First Impressions of Earth". Which makes me totally happy, i mean cmon, IZE of the world and Electricityscape, those are songs only made possible by the amazing progression of The Strokes. But i'd love to hear if anyone else is on board with what im sayin ;). Peace!

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my first strokes record was Room on fire! but my first favorite song was "The end has no end" And "HArd to Explain" then I discovered the Uk release of

"Is This It" and "New York City cops" but personally "First impressions of earth" was a relevant record for it's quote's and Organic curiosity. :shock:

Now when I first started listening to the strokes, it was first impressions of earth era, and I really enjoyed it. But their old sounds were epic. I felt that ITI was a little too much like a demo tape, which clearly the band did too, so my favorite album is Room on Fire. It's a cleaned up version of that charictaristically strokesy sound- that fresh new shit nobody was doing. first impressions was cool though, and I agree with you about Ize and Electricityscape, that album has got some great tracks. As a whole though I prefer room on fire.
Now in regards to the new album- I just pray it sounds nothing like Julian's solo work *gulp :shock: :oops:

I think I have an anal fissure :(

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