Does anyone have information?

10月 21

Does anyone have information?

Posted by allison on

Hi! I'm a new member. I've spent a ton of time searching online to find the latest news on The Strokes, especially when their next album is coming out, but everyone seems to have a different answer. So I came to the "Talk" section on the site, but there are so many topics, I didn't know where to look!
So here are my questions:
When is the next album coming out?
When will they next go on tour?
They NEED to come to Portland :D

Thank you so much for your time! All information is welcome!


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oh allison... allison....of course my horse!

im here to answer some of your Q's with A's
the strokes IV doesnt come out til (according to JC) march 2011
& you dont really want them to go touring right now, unless you want to postpone the release date of the strokes IV.

all the cool kids are over there hanging out either at
or at my fb group "Alone, then Together" [url][/url]

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