New album already?!?! :D

9月 16

New album already?!?! :D

Posted by raddestgirlEVARR on

Soooo I was on (yeahh I know but I go occasionally for Ze Strokes news) & they said that the boys were already working on their new-new album (the one after Angles) ALREADY! In fact, Fab wanted to start immediately but Jules postponed b/c of some reason (I forgot why, you can find out there). Nevertheless, Nick said that they didn't like how they recording Angles since it felt so seperate and they hope to do the next one even BETTER).

Now THAT made my day Laughing out loud

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I'm super excited too! I was kinda, okay not kinda, but REALLY bummed out that there was not US tour. It's been over five years, but I guess I can wait if this means there will be a new album soon in the future! Smile

That is sooo Awesome! Angles is a incredible album, I listen to it everyday. (Now that's an obsession)

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