Discovring The Strokes !!

12月 02

Discovring The Strokes !!

Posted by khdija sahnoun on

Hi everyone, I just wanted to know how did you discover The Strokes and who is you favourite member of the band ?? Laughing out loud

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They played on SNL and I was never the same.

Who cares

No, actually it's a good story ! Really !!
For me it was just a friend who told me about them Smile And I don't have a favourite member I love all of them equally Tongue

I love comedy and I love the Lonely Island. I was watching the Boombox music video (which featured Julian Casablancas) and instantly i was like wtf (a good wtf)?! Haha i was like mesmerized by his hotness and by his amazing voice and right after I saw that video (well, after I went and baby-puked in the toilet from the video ending) I went on youtube and typed in "julian casablancas". The first thing that came up was Out of the Blue and I listened to that but truthfully didn't like it - I thought it sounded too countryish. But I really liked Julian so I kept listening to more of his songs mostly from Phrazes. This is gonna sound kinda wierd but i kind of de-brainwashed myself haha i sound like a coocoo. I was so used to listening to pop music that I felt like i wasn't allowed to like anything but Kanye or Lady Gaga and stuff so I just listened to exclusively Strokes and turned into their biggest fan evah!!!!!! sorry that was really long nobody really wanted to read all that. And my favorite member is definitely Julian. Everything about him is just epically awesome and the mere mention of his name makes women want to rip off their clothes (haha well at least for me).

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