One Way Trigger....AMAZING!

2月 07

One Way Trigger....AMAZING!

Posted by nuno on

ANd my i say, how reliefed and proud i am for "betting" in this band sinced i've fallen in love with This is IT...

i've turned up 40, and since 2001 i've very much changed, and in tune with the lyrics of the Strokes new single, i've settled down, found a girl, got a dog (actually 2) and have entered in the typical "limbo" lyfe phase...but a still not dead part of me, continues the same as before, i guess is the maverick one, the unsettled one...wich i very much like and brings so much good memories, "problem" is that it only comes to life with certain "clicks" catalysators, and when i eard the music yesterday, it brought me down to that special darkend me, that put's me right back in the middle of my old special world, and guess what...I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!

Great new way (no matter what the most "static" fans mey say),, great TUNE, and so much IN TUNE with me and my present state of's wonderfull to think that one can reach a new status of life, and still coexist with our old "loves" that make us not only live, but most important...FEAL ALIFE!!!!

THANK you for now definitly proove that indeed you guys are genious, and make us feel proud of sharing that "geniality" through your music...and by the way,, if possible, come touring in Portugal!!!

may you never end...can't wait for the album!

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