Angles, the one way trigger - Is this still rock??

2月 08

Angles, the one way trigger - Is this still rock??

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Hi everyone!

I am (was?) a really big fan of the guys for years but since they spit out their album "angles" I was wondering more and more what happened?! This band has started as a garage band, leading indie-charts. Angles was the first CD I came to the point that maybe up to three songs are worth listening. Since that I loved every single song they had - even the B-sides and side projects where they really did a good job. All in all it was good and dirty rock music.
Angles was to much pop for me. They started to play with synthesizers and Jules tried to bring his voice to levels that are far away from coolness.

What happened guys? Where are the guitars gone? Those greas riffs flying in stereo from Albert to Nick. Where are the drums gone? This not too dominant but very creative style? Where is Jules voice gone? This spit out and bored vocals where you think that someone forces him to sing and he just doesn't want to...

I'm so disappointed!! Is this the end of no end?
Strokes - please come back to your roots! We have enough Take That's and Lady Gaga's in this business!!

Hope I can say "see you again" instead of "goodbye"!


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