Not available for every country

2月 20

Not available for every country

Posted by XimenaRevoredo on

Hey guys, I wanted to pre order Comedown Machine and then I realized I couldn't because it was not available in Peru, do you know what can I do to get it?

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Hi Ximena, by your post you seems to be a good music lover. Comedown machine by THE STROKES you search on the internet and everything on this earth you will get in there. So do not panic about this. As some time has passed by after the release of the album now it will be easy for you to get it on the internet or get it from some of your friends. If you love music do you practice it? As there are lot of online teaching going on over the internet, you just need 30 or 60 minutes of your time and sit on the internet and get trained. You will become a singer in yourself and you will love that. This sessions are very pocket friendly and will help you to learn at your own pleasure.

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