Le Zenith Print

$45 .00

We like to kid around on this site, but this print honestly has a pretty crazy story behind it (scout's honor)... Designed by Lizzie Nanut, these 23"x23" hand-numbered silkscreen prints were printed in the UK two weeks prior to The Strokes' 7/20 gig at Le Zenith in Paris, France. However, somewhere between London and Paris, the van carrying the prints was stolen!

After an exhausting manhunt led by our trusty bloodhound, the van and prints were recovered, though not in time for the show. But alas, what was bad news for fans at Le Zethinth on 7/20 is now good news for you today! So go ahead and order your print before they sell out. And make sure to <a href="http://www.thestrokes.com/us/strokes-store/merch-newsletter-signup">sign up</a> to receive monthly emails w/ our new exclusives. Hell, we'll even toss you 15% off your next purchase just for signing up!

Oh, and we may have made the bloodhound part up, but how fun is ending a story with "the van had OnStar™"? Not very.

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