The Strokes, figuras principales del Corona Capital

Jun 06

The Strokes, figuras principales del Corona Capital

Es un gusto anunciar a The Strokes como figuras principales del Corona Capital 2011 a realizarse este 15 de Octubre. El cartel completo puede ser revisado en el sitio oficial del festival.

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WOW! It's amazing, i've been waiting for this a long time ago!!! will you give another individual concert??? i hope so WOOOOOOOW!!!!!!!! Mexico <3 The Strokes

Eso es todo...

woow, great!!! Laughing out loud

finally the best rock band in the world in mexico it was just me love to get to know each of them in person i love the strokes

The moder age
Barely Legal
Automatic stop
Hawaii aloha
Pleaseeee !!!

We love U

MEXICO LOVES YOU...!!!! :'D! Laughing out loud Wink

Yeah...! :'D I LOVE THE STROKES...!

Nooooooooooo lo pueeeeeeeeeedo creeeer
me voy a mooooooooorirrrrrrr :DDDDD
Solo en ese evento estaran? o daran un concierto individual?
neta son mi vidaaa

Geniaal! Mexico loves You♥

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