you don't want to let it be to send me spam mails,
I do.
not because I'm offended, I don't see a reason to talk here further.

see you in spain!

I don't know what you think!
please say it!
or let it be!

dont understand you....

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please stop this... i dislike it....


see, my actions say yes,
I searched a one way ticket, I don't care if I will sleep in the streets or in the top of a tree,
I only think to b e there.
nothing more.
what will happen? -up to you.

Ene 16

Big Guava Music Festival

Big Guava Music Festival
It's true, The Strokes will head to Tampa, FL this May to headline the Big Guava Music Festival.

The festival takes place May 8th-9th, 2015 and The Strokes will play one of those dates.

Pre-sale tickets go on sale Friday, Jan 16th at 5pm local time at www.bigguavafest.com

I have even made adjustments so I can throw in a little ground flavored coffee while still using the grinder <a href="http://www.moversofbocaraton.com/" title="http://www.moversofbocaraton.com/">http://www.moversofbocaraton.com/</a>

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