sooooo the 4th album

Jun 10

sooooo the 4th album

Posted by thickeny on

Has there been any accual new on this, Iv heard notthing and am die for some new strokes

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I'll come here everyday.......till the 4th album comes up!!!!! :mrgreen:

y'know, they could just make an album with all of they're unreleased songs. I'm dying for non-live versions of in her prime and unknown #3! :D


no. i hope they're not going to say yes to pharrell. no. no. no.
it's just going to be way to random.


ill name my kid after thei 4th album.
or am i....?

I predict that it will be an amazing R&B record featuring the likes of Rihanna, Chris Brown maybe produced by Fitty or Kanye. "whatever the market needs"
It'll be good.

^ Yeah, that's what I was going to say haha.

[quote="Lopin"]y'know i think i remember seeing that the strokes used to listen to rap.
Maybe they'll change their style. Or mix it up at least. I'd like to know what they listen to at the moment.[/quote]

did you see that in In transit? Cuz I´m pretty sure Ryan said that as a joke

[quote="theskysnotthelimit"]It's coming. We all just have to wait...because patience is a virtue.[/quote]

Yes, patience is a takes time...
[size=150][color=#BF0000]BUT IT DOESNT TAKE YEARS! lol[/color][/size]

I guess the longer we wait the better it will be, just hope that The Strokes exceed our expectations...

y'know i think i remember seeing that the strokes used to listen to rap.
Maybe they'll change their style. Or mix it up at least. I'd like to know what they listen to at the moment.

[size=85]oh man oh man oh man..

ive been patiently waiting for this board to come up! its been down since i fell in love with the strokes and its finally up!! i can't express my excitement. ive been waiting such a long time to mingle with other strokes fans :D reading about this fourth album gets me so pumped up. i absolutely cant WAIT for the strokes to tour again, i'm going to catch as many shows as i can[/size] :geek:


Blahh I wish they would hurry up already.

^ Oh my God, that's such a coincidence, I was just thinking that exactly because I was watching In Transit again yesterday and when that part came up I was like "Haha, how ironic!"

Ryan: "What do you think your fourth record will sound like?"
Jules: "I don't know, whatever, whatever the market needs. Whatever will make a profit."
Ryan: "Right... That's the bottom line"
Jules: "That's the bottom line, you know. It's all about the money"
Ryan: "Well you gotta be.. you gotta get the money"
Jules: "It's all about the money.. thats right."

I hope the album is the shit but shit as well in a way so I can move on.

Pharrell would love to [help me] "produce" my first-born child.

well we all have to remember that the 2nd record of albert it's coming in july! soo he's going on tour ! soo no strokes album this year! i think!

Pharell made this suggestion, but right now, nobody's able to say if The Strokes will accept it.

I just don't want them to have any "hip hop beats" in their songs, it would ruin everything they've done. Not saying Pharrel would do that, but I don't know what he would do better than the others who have produced their albums

Pharrell has been saying he'd love to produce it.... if they let him, I WILL cry.

Its good to finally hear news on the 4th album, I didn't even know they were doing anything for it yet, thanks for the updates. I bet it will be another year, like next summer when it is released.

Damn!!! i just can't wait to hear sth new!! but c'mmon guys i thinl we gotta wait some more months, cause u know Albert's band and their new album...the question is: how the hell r the strokes gonna record the 4th album!? :?:

i can't wait !!!
I really hope that this new album will come out soon.

A fourth record would be totally rad. I just started likeing The Strokes, and I don't know why I didn't get to likeing them before... Well, I am known for likeing more, Uh, heavy music, haha! Like you know, My Chemical Romance, Bring Me The Horizon, The Used, MSI, Devil Wears Prada, Atreyu, Paramore, I can go on forever... It'd be awesome if I could get my weird friends to like The Strokes. I am totally getting off topic and I apologize. Haaa, yeah, fourth record.

:ugeek: < I think I'm in love with this smiley! lolz, he's got a sweet goutee! (or, however you spell it...)

I really hope this album is the shit. I expect it will be. They seem ready to put the awesomeness on the world once again

my god! gordon raphael was working with fobia???? xD wow.... i just hope all of those rumors r true (sorry if my english is bad :[ )

I don't like the smileys.

[b]i know someone who is still flirting lol :lol: (those chiny smileys are weird)[/b]

[quote="Sweet and Obsessed"]I wonder what it will sound like.[/quote]

sweet victory.

I wonder what it will sound like.

Mine neither

^^^I only saying that, Nat, though, because I have to console myself...It's a defense mechanism. WAHHHH. See, I am already profession of virtues doesn't really work.

[quote="theskysnotthelimit"]It's coming. We all just have to wait...because patience is a virtue.[/quote]
[b]you're perfectly right ...
but i'm sadly not virtuous lol [/b]

It's coming. We all just have to wait...because patience is a virtue.

Where is Gordon Raphael this days? I met him in mexico a while a go... he was mixing a mexican band called Fobia.

the thing that nikolai said is in a letter he posted on the band section, apart from that I've only heard rumours of Gordon Raphael saying that Julian is really busy writing songs


The band has recently announced that they will begin work on their fourth album sometime soon. Bassist Nikolai Fraiture posted on the band's website that "we just need to work out a few technical kinks".




[color=#00BFFF]I thought I heard songs were written and the album was to be recorded this summer.
I'm very hopeful though and I'm glad the board is back!!! :D [/color]

sorry for the spelling id had a bit to drink

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