Nick Valensi thread

Jun 11

Nick Valensi thread

Posted by Nat on

[b]everything about Nick belongs here[/b]

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Im glad NV grew a beard+musache. He looks kinda like a girl in some of these pics.

Why was this thread on the fourteenth page :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!:

[size=200]FOR SHAME[/size]

i love nick, he is my favourite stroke.
He is the hottest one, he is nice and I love his style

About Amanda, I think she does a good job, but not amazing, it's average for a photographer

All of Fab's drawings on are really amazing.


I can't remember where I found it, but I know that Fabrizio drew it

^^ Woah, where's that drawing from Sweet and Obsessed?

nick is a shmexy beast

I love the drawing Fab did of Nick


yes i gree i love converse campaign she did!

[quote]but she's not in the league of people like Juergen Teller and Nick Knight[/quote]

agreed, but she is still very good.

for a second i forgot they got married. lol.
about her as a photographer. she aight.
p.s. obama is a tool.

she's pretty good.
i liked the campaign she did for converse [img][/img]

but she's not in the league of people like Juergen Teller and Nick Knight

oh my god.. i really love the first photograph !

and about amanda's photographs, i think they are kinda wierd too. I like them, but she isnt my "favorite" photographer .

hey, baby



^ ugh at the typos on that..come on wiz kid, let us edit our posts here

HAHAHA at the above quote. so funny

and as an amateur photographer myself, I think Amanda's work is beautiful. I lot of people here hated on her book when it came out, but they didn't understand that it was made up of a bunch of her personal photos, most of them taken with a small point and shoot camera. Still, I love that book, but people here said it sucked because the pictures didn't look as glossy as what they must think real photography is supposed to be. The work she's done for magazines and add campaigns, most of which is on her website, is more "professional" and to me, pretty impressive.

I predict that Nick Valensi, in the 2008 US presidential election, will vote for Barack Obama.
Here is some evidence that support my prediction:

[quote]If any of these guys [the strokes] wanted or ever tried to join the army, I would do my best to convince them otherwise.[/quote]
This quote is directly counter to McCain's plan for staying in Iraq.

Why else?
Nick Valensi guitar in the rock & roll musical group The Strokes.
Playing rock & roll could translate into voting for Barack & Roll.

Thank You!

well i think...her pics are...mmm yep a lil weird haha with naked people but i dunno they just don't convince me! haha i can't explain it! is hard to explain hahaha :lol:

They're kinda wierd. There's a bunch of chubby naked people. Now, I have nothing wrong with naked people. I think the pictures are really cool and artsy but my favorites are still the ones of the strokes.
These are the emotions I encountered on the website: :lol: ;) :oops: :P :shock: :mrgreen:

does someone like Amanda's pics!? what do u think about them!? :lol:

There are pictures of Nick, Albert, and Jared (from Kings of leon) on Nick's Wife's website.

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