Hip Hop Shopping

Jun 12

Hip Hop Shopping

Posted by BenjaminAndre on

Hey what's up?

Benjamin Andre here. Listening to my musical story? I'm working towards making goals about flip cup drinking games, the Olympics, and [url]http://www.TheKeeMusic.com[/url]. Hopefully, between Hip Hop Shopping and The Strokes I'll be able to sound out a new way to say hey by singing do do do re re rei fa fa fa so so la la la ti ti ti or just jay or arrendajo (bird in spanish). Other than that I'm going to be playing Scrabble and getting pysched for fourth album topics. If anybody else likes to listen to The Kee, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Outkast, Phish, busting swim moves to my shows, and listening to The Strokes Live in Lowell let me know.

Benjamin Andre

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i love andre...he's eclectic...love it

Don't use The Strokes forum to up yourself.
and especially if it's hip hop.

Ooooh! Hey benjamin! I love that Hey ya song! very catchy

not that I think it's him.. just in case :roll:

What the fuck, if that is actually Dre 3000 I will LOL myself to death. I almost just did rereading the message.

[quote]Benjamin Andre here. Listening to my musical story? [/quote]

No, I am not, wtf is it? Some kind of audiobook autobiography you're trying to promote now?


This fourth album will impress OUR butts off....Nick said something about how being labled by different genres DON'T really matter, its all about good music...or be labled as a band that plays good music. Something to that effect. :lol:

Benjamin Andre? As in Andre Benjamin aka Andre 3000? Didn't know you were a fan.
We are here to talk about the fourth album....a little hip hop? I know that no matter what the 4th album sounds like, it will be great and they will sound like themselves but as always impress are butts off. ROF and FIOE each showed that they know how to move artistically into new directions! Wouldn't it be awesome if they had a little lounge jazz grooving in and out of rock. They could totally do it. Oh, well Nick once said something about how the musical genres do really matter. The jus want to be respected for writing and playing good music. Just something that people want to listen to over ad over again.


ehemm....what about the fourth album!??! :lol:

hahaha what was that about?? :?

Idiot, the link doesn't even work.

Apparently he's doing his own advertising... for his website...

I don't understand anything what he's talking about.

It's not about the 4th album? We really need someone to lock topics!

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